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You have to push the limits,
because the limits change .......

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Almost everyone can benefit from coaching!

Coaching is simply an integral part of getting the most from life and sport!

Get On YOUR Mark specializes in coaching individuals and groups for event and goal-oriented training. No matter what your goal whether its to cross the finish line for the first time, or shave seconds off your personal best, our coaching can help you accomplish your dream goals.

Click here to view the coaching log that Coach Shelley uses to program and track your daily workouts. See details of the training plans, workout data, meal plans and nutritional intake along with client functions.

Get On Your Mark’s expertise lies with training cyclists, runners and triathletes. Applying psychology, science, and success principles to your training plan, we can help you achieve your athletic aspirations now.

We have designed several coaching packages. If you don’t find what you’re looking for please ask us. We can probably create it for you!

Professional Coaching Program Plan 1

This plan is for the individual who wants a quarterly customized training plan for their sport or fitness goals. It is designed specifically for the individual by a professional coach. Here’s what you get:

  • Evaluation: Health/Sport Questionnaire
  • Discussion of goals and overall training focus
  • Training plan designed Quarterly
  • Training Peaks On-line Training Program
  • Training log access Nutrition log
  • E-mail access to coach (1 per week)
  • Nightly emails of workouts
  • Coach/athlete consult for Quarterly review

If you would like additional coach contact we suggest you purchase Consulting Services (see below) on an hourly basis as needed.

Fee: $75/Monthly
Start Up Fee: $50

Professional Coaching Program Plan 2

This plan is designed for the individual who wants a professional coach to help them meet their goals. Your training schedule at every level will be totally customized based on your personal training needs and the demands of your life. Here’s what you get:

  • Evaluation: Health/Sport Questionnaire
  • Discussion of goals and overall training focus
  • Personalized Training Schedule
  • Weekly workout goals from your coach
  • Unlimited e-mail access to your coach
  • Daily workouts emailed nightly
  • Weekly training summary
  • Online workout log including daily metrics
  • Nutrition log access
  • Training data upload
  • Monthly Performance Analysis of Workouts
  • Phone Contact: Coach/Athlete
  • Monthly goal setting
  • Training program review/changes

Fee: $125/Monthly
Start Up Fee: $50

3 Month Commitment

Online Training Plans

Okay, so you can’t afford a coach right now? Perhaps you enjoy being your own coach? Then having a training plan developed for you to work from is the smart thing to do. Our training plans are an excellent way to get introduced to the smart simplicities of training. We write the plan for you, send it online, and it's done! That's it! You can have access to an online training log where you can post and review your workouts.

We have training plans for:

  • Triathletes - pick your goal events
  • Runners - chooses from 5k, 10k, half and full marathons
  • Cyclists - choose from beginner plans to full century (100 miles), Multi-day rides
  • Strength and Conditioning training plans (Periodized training)

General Fitness

Don't have a sport? Let us design a fitness program you can get excited about. The plan includes:

  •  Individual consultation and discussion of goals
  • 12 week training program online or hardcopy
  • 1 training session with coach

Investment: $150

Individual Skills Coaching

Private 1 hr. session: $75.00

Get On Your MARK welcomes everyone regardless of athletic ability, experience or skill level. Whether training,racing or socializing, the #1 priority is training smart, and #2 priority is having fun! Come join us and be inspired.

You have to push the limits, because the limits change .......