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Personalized Coaching For
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Avid Fitness Enthusiasts

Welcome! Get On Your MARK offers personal, affordable coaching programs for Cyclists and those interested in getting fit for life!

We can design personal training plans to help you improve your training and performance or get you prepared with event training and nutritional support for century rides or multi-day events!

You can work with a coach who understands your challenges and your goals and together we will create a plan to get you the results you want!

Get On Your MARK Coaching offers a variety of activities that include clinics, climbing camps and wine/bike tours where you can improve your cycling skills and become better prepared for your next event! If simply having fun is your goal, you can bet that we'll make that happen as well!

Get On Your MARK — coaching and training programs for Cyclists and Triathletes of all levels. Our training programs and coaching help you:

  • TRAIN SMART - With personalized workout schedules, one-on-one and online coaching
  • STAY MOTIVATED - Personal Coaching helps you find your reasons to keep going
  • BUILD STRENGTH - your foundation for all your athletic and fitness goals
  • INCREASE ENDURANCE - essential for finishing long rides and winning races
  • IMPROVE YOUR FITNESS - lose weight, tone up, get stronger and look better
  • DEVELOP A WINNING MINDSET - learn the secret inner thoughts of winners

Personal coaching is the fastest way for you to reach your fitness and athletic goals whether you need to improve your quickness, endurance, strength or cycling skills. Your personal coach can give you the training, diet and nutritional support you need, to be at your personal best.

Get more information now, about how personal coaching from Get On Your MARK can greatly improve your performance and skills. Call Shelley Marenka today at (209) 890-6244 or (530) 864-7891.

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