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You have to push the limits,
because the limits change .......

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Testamonials of Team Members

What our customers say

"I tell them that I hired a coach. In the past, I've hired trainers and nutritionists, but never a coach. Why would I need a coach? I thought. I wasn't an "athlete." But I now realize that being an athlete is a mindset, a commitment, a lifestyle. It has nothing to do with the numbers on the scale, results from a race, what you look like, or whether you're a pro. Everyone can be an athlete."

"Everyone IS an athlete. It's just that some are in training and others are not." -- George Sheehan M.D.

"Prior to joining the Get On Your Mark Finish Line TEAM, I thought I could get stronger and faster by spending 'more' time on the bike… little did I know! Since joining the TEAM, I have increased my pace speed by 5 mph, improved my cycling form for increased comfort and efficiency, acquired a better understanding of heart rate, cadence, fuel / hydration needs, varied training workouts and proper rest periods. My weekly conversations with Coach Shelley are informative, motivating and fun… just as are the group rides, bike clinics and seminars. I have become a wiser cyclist willing to conserve energy within the pack and ready to put the 'hammer down' at the first sign of a twitch among the leaders of the fast group.It has been a wonderful experience making new friends that share the same interest and desire of improving in an activity we love. This has been the best 'jump-start' for my cycling season over previous years of lackluster performance and results. AND, I look forward to progressing even more with the Finish Line TEAM!"

-- John W Aspiring Cyclist

"Working with Shelley I have improved my cycling skills and was able to cycle 72 miles! I also improved my endurance and cycling speed from 17mph when I began to maintain 24-25mph. I am now comfortable riding in a pace line and changing flats!! Overall, I've gained valuable friendships, improved my swim stroke technique, and even improved my transition times in triathlons. I love the camaraderie and support of this group."

-- Dr Dina D.C.

"Shelley I so much enjoyed the biking this summer with you and the team. It was a very good summer activity for me. I am now freed up to go places I would have never thought of going to before. I also know that I can do more now than I thought I could do…."

-- Katie S.

"I want to tell you once again how valuable the training schedule you created was for me. First, it gave me something in writing that I could work from. Second, I was able to log in my rides and refer back to it for remembering details about a particular ride. Third, it helped me to remember riding information and drills (thank you for giving the definitions of the abbreviations that you use). Fourth, it made me feel like you were right there with me on each ride because I could hear you using these terms and practicing these drills with me. Even months later I still find my training schedule a great reference tool and something to be really proud of! Thank you again for helping me accomplish my cycling dreams!"

-- Wendy D.

"I learned the importance of training and the importance of mental attitude in pushing myself to progress in my training. I learned that when Shelley says we're almost there, she means maaaybe we're past the halfway point!"

-- Mark T.

"As part of the Get on Your Mark Finish Line Team, I lost ten pounds, gained new friends, subtracted three minutes off of my cycling time trial, and increased my skills in running, swimming and cycling to the point of being ready for a triathlon. Coach Shelley provided training, resources, experts, nutritional supplements, and motivation to help me go farther, faster, and have fun along the way!"

-- Dr. Lou,Pastor

"Thanks Shelley for the confidence and training that helped me to reach my goal! Go Team!"

-- Lisa L.

"As I aged through my 40's I had a goal of being in my best physical condition on my 50th birthday. That did not happen. I have been training with The Finish Line Team of Get On Your MARK for the past 16 weeks. I will be 54 next month and am currently in the best physical condition of my life at 6'2" , 195 lbs and 17% body fat. I completed my first sprint triathlon after the first six weeks and last weekend finished 10th out of 100 all ages in a 1.2 mile swim leg of a ½ Iron Man race. I had not been biking or running much over the past 5 years but after riding around Lake Tahoe last month I am up to any challenge. It has been a valuable fun experience to get in competitive shape with a great group of people."

-- Wally M.

"I went ahead and called Shelley, who is probably the most thorough Coach I've ever met. We discussed my athletic background (which is primarily swimming and some running), my schedule for fitting in workouts and what to expect when training with the Get on your Mark Team. I felt reassured after talking to her on the phone and was curious to see how a team would change my workouts.

…the team members gave great feedback and had a positive attitude that was incredibly comforting and I looked forward to training after a rough day at work. I knew nothing about cycling and very little about triathlons. I experienced an incredible amount of support and positive reinforcement and an unbelievable amount of valuable information like nutrition, bike posture, swimming dynamics, proper gear, stretching techniques…you name it- it was available, all of which kept me moving and motivated. As it turns out... not only did I complete the triathlon, but I finished in 1h 44m, placed 5th in my division and in the top half overall. I can't remember the last time I felt this satisfied working towards a goal and now I feel motivated and hungry for more. I can comfortably say that I owe my successes to Shelley and my teammates, I highly doubt I would've even shown up to my triathlon if it wasn't for having a solid group of people telling me, not only that it was possible, but that I could kick butt doing it."

-- Cate K.

"Shelley, That event was so cool on Sunday! It makes such a huge difference having someone cheering you on and coaching you. I am hooked!"

-- Margaret S.

"I learned to ride in a peleton and to give "safe space" to other less experienced riders to keep myself safe. …..I love learning different kinds of training exercises to do during a training keeps it interesting. It helps when we have the rides with Shelley because she coaches all of us as we practice these different pedal strokes. The handouts and the clinics were time well spent and one of the most gratifying was information on how to prepare for a long event ride. Also the "core strength" exercises have helped tremendously in improving my posture and strength on the bike. I experienced a genuine level of caring from Shelley. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginning cyclist or a very experienced one, she will share her expertise and everyone will learn from this experience! It has been wonderful to ride with such great people and to get to know others who have a passion for the great out-of -doors and enjoy challenging themselves. Thank you, Shelley for your encouragement and enthusiasm!"

-- Wendy De

"Shelley, my staff and I are enjoying the team building that working our together creates. Your program is both motivating and social. Having a support group is essential. Thank you."

-- Linda P.

"Shelley, Thanks for all your help and support. I'm definitely feeling more excited about working out and find that the group is inspiring me even when I can't be there!"

-- Cathy M.

"I have had a great experience with "Get On Your Mark!" I have met some GREAT women, made some new friends & am getting in shape. I have pushed myself to do things I never thought possible. Working out helps me feel healthier & better about my overall self. Since joining "Get On Your Mark" I have learned a lot of helpful things about my body & nutrition that will help me stay in shape. Because I am working out more, I have even gotten my husband to come around & workout with me on the off days we don't have a class. I am very grateful for the experience & knowledge Shelley (& other members) provide."

-- Jennifer M.

Get On Your MARK welcomes everyone regardless of athletic ability, experience or skill level. Whether training,racing or socializing, the #1 priority is training smart, and #2 priority is having fun! Come join us and be inspired.

You have to push the limits, because the limits change .......